Real Estate Investment & Asset Management Firm

leading real estate investment and asset management company, with over 30 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region.

About Us

with over 30 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region. At the very heart of our business is the principle to create long-term value for our investors,

We are a premier real estate investment and asset management firm, boasting over three decades of expertise in the Asia Pacific area. At our core, we are dedicated to cultivating lasting value for our investors, all while fostering sustainable, positive change within the communities we serve. Our responsible investment approach not only yields economic benefits but also creates employment opportunities, bolsters community welfare, and fortifies regional economies.

Presently, our global operations span across three offices, employing a talented team of 70 individuals. Additionally, our diverse portfolio of hotels and property assets provides employment for an additional 5000 individuals, showcasing our commitment to both business growth and community enrichment.

Our Portfolio

The Growth & Opportunities Portfolio

Here we focus on emerging destinations with high growth potential either through a quick turnaround and sell on, or in partnership with recognizable brands to develop premium, boutique, upscale properties for the fast growing, domestic middle-class market.

The Core Portfolio

This is comprised of luxury and ultra-luxury assets, including hospitality, commercial, retail and residential in both capital cities and global travel destinations in established markets, for long-term hold and a stable income.

Foundation Institute for Asia, which brings together leaders from the academic, policymaking, business, and student communities in a commitment to enhance public policy research and teaching in Asia.


The Group has successfully grown its portfolio of properties for over two decades and maintains strong operating performance for the resorts and hotels it owns and manages. 

The Group operates with a comprehensive integrated business model, with in-house investment, development and project management divisions and a highly active and experienced asset management team.

The Group has a highly dedicated and experienced management team with extensive real estate industry experience and a successful track record in managing its business with an average of more than 30 years experience

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